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Below you will find the dues associated with ABBA membership. 

Some important things to note:


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  • Membership is paid annually.

  • Membership Fees are automatically deducted annually

  • Payment are made through PayPal


Cosmetology Students •  Apprentices

This category includes students enrolled in and regularly attend schools licensed or certified to teach cosmetology or one of the major functions of cosmetology. 

ABBA also accept applications from apprentices regularly and lawfully engaged as such in establishments that are licensed cosmetology salons.

Price: $50 annually 

Licensed & Unlicensed Beauty Professionals

Barbers •  Stylists  •  Salon Owners  •  Beauty Support Staff


This category describes individual owners of establishments where one major function of cosmetology is performed and professionals licensed to practice cosmetology or licensed to practice any one of the major functions of cosmetology regardless to state license requirements

Unlicensed individual employees of cosmetology establishments (i.e. receptionist, finance manager, etc.) and unlicensed individual employees of manufacturers, distributors or associate members are also eligible for ABBA membership under this category.

Price: $100 annually


Manufacturers • Distributors • Salons & Spas • Associates


• Join the Manufacturer Section if your company manufactures or produces beauty and / or barber products for sale to wholesalers and / or distributors in the professional beauty industry and/or salons, or if you are a sales representative for this type of company.

• Join the Distributor Section if the primary company's primary business is purchasing beauty and/or barber products and reselling those products at wholesale to beauty salons, barbershops, and / or beauty cosmetologists, or your company sells beauty products over-the-counter, or you are a sales representative this type of company.

• Join the Salon & Spa Section if your company provides professional beauty services to the public, or is a licensed cosmetology school. Businesses with 3+ W2 employees are eligible.

• Join the Associate Section if your company serves the beauty industry in an auxiliary capacity (i.e. public relations firms, publishers, printing companies, graphic artists, signage, software companies and other business services).

Prices vary based on earnings.  Please contact us for fee structure.

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